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Why should you be obsessed with Reports?

Reports act as a ‘mirror’ !! It shows where you stand!

The job of a leader at times is to simply show the mirror!

Ask your team to prepare a business report, only numbers and no gyaan…The process of making a report will uncover a lot of things that they need to focus on…Your team will discover the broken pieces that needs to be put together…

Sharing the reports amongst all the players in the team generally builds positive competition…No one wants to be looked on as a the last man…

PS: Dont over do it!

Preparing for the Cookieless world!

The death of 3rd party cookies on chrome was announced by Google on 14th Jan 2020.

3rd Party cookies would be phased out over a 2 year period.

What would this mean for marketers? How do you prepare for a cookieless world?

Here are some thoughts:

From the India perspective- we are a mobile first nation. Hence, the app adoption is quite high and apps rely on device identification methods rather than cookies. Hence, if your app game is strong, you have something less to work on.

First Party Data: will become increasingly relevant. Marketers shall need comply with stringent Data Privacy laws that come into play going forward.

DMPs will need to re-invent themselves as advertisers shall no longer be open to them.

Tech Stack : Build a robust, in-house tech stack to enable you to do the transition.

Customer Segmentation: You will need to use the signals that you get from all the possible sources to bucket the customers in the right segments.

Customer Identity: Can you look at creating customers’ identity in a legally compliant manner and then use that for targetting?

Safari/FireFox: Speak to advertisers who have been testing campaigns on these browsers as they have already stopped 3rd party cookies since long.

Partnerships: Partnerships with data providers will become more important. (Flipkart, Truecaller)

How is Google Preparing for the Cookieless world?

They are working on a Privacy sandbox, wherein, instead of cookies- advertisers will work on several APIs such as the Conversion API etc.

Obituaries in a Cookieless World/New ways to:

  1. Multi-Touch Attribution
  2. Limited ability of DMPs for Audience Segmentation.
  3. View through Conversions.
  4. Frequency Cap across publishers.

Let me know your thoughts!

Good learning resource


Digital Media Supply Chain will see a new normal. The question is when!

The current structure of Digital Media Supply Chain has been worrying advertisers for long due to ad/click frauds, systems are in silos, brand safety issues.

BlockChain is set to address the issues of trust, accountability and media spends reconciliation in unprecedented manner. Pilots on blockchain based advertising are being done world wide by KFC, Pepsi and others. The current pilots may be shrugged off by the Giants as insignificant.

However, Google and Facebook should take an active lead in being early proponents of blockchain in the digital advertising value chain. By being involved in making the cake(read- advertising backed by blockchain), you can still enjoy the freedom in crafting it the way you like it!

Aqilliz is doing pioneering work in resolving various issues in Digital Media Supply Chain. I have significanly learnt of this landscape from reading and following G’man.

We will be happy to see participation of the giants (please let me know if they are already a part of it) in re-inventing the ad supply chain.

Investing and living!

Investing in equities teaches you a lot about living…Infact, it can also lead to a better life. Here are some reasons:

  1. Teaches you to be patient:  Over night returns are not sustainable. You got to be patient to have gains that last long.
  2. Choose the battles: There may be 50000 companies available for investing. But you choose the company that you want to invest in. Similarly, in life- you will have plethora of options and multitude of problems you can solve. However, you dont get into everything. You choose what is worth your time.
  3. Get Stronger: It takes courage to see your portfolio and your life long savings go down by 50%. In the end, (if it turns out to be so), you emerge stronger.

Persistence, problems & happiness!

I wont be writing anything new here. Its something every one knows, probably very few are able to do something about it.

At times, we define happiness by absence of problems. We fool ourselves with, ” i wish this problem could be solved & I would be a happy soul”.

Fact is, problems are like water. Just as water occupies water place it finds, your mind allows problems to flow in once its capable of taking fresh ones or more of it.

Solution to a problem is a larger problem. What we need to be looking at is, which one is worth living for!

Once you choose a problem to solve/live for, how much patient are you?

How long do you persist? When should you leave something on destiny!

I have been trying to rely on destiny, however- my mind tells me, it doesnt need destiny, it needs my efforts.

Expecting, Ignoring, Living

1. Expectations: Do not expect others to behave/react in normal fashion. Dont be surprised with how people react. It’s their free will and they are at liberty to behave in any manner they deem fit.

2. Ignoring:  There will be times, when you got to ignore things around you. These are things/behaviour you cannot change.

3. Living: You need to be good at 1 & 2, for living a happy life.

Put your comments below, if you are able to do these 3 things!




Facebook on Linkedin- Choosing the right social media platform!

Power of Platform!

Facebook using Linkedin to promote/sell its services.

FB acknowledges that the best place to reach decision makers is Linkedin.

Is it a sign of decreased ad spends on FB? Probably not.

The FB revenues doesnt signal a decline. However, the promoted post shows that when you are down, do not be defensive. Instead, strike with more rigour.

~Commitment Economics~

Propose some value added benefits. Seek a nominal commitment from the consumers for the value added benefits. This is the Holy Grail to boosting your sales.


  1. Amazon Prime
  2. Saavn Pro
  3. Jio Prime
  4. Zomato Gold
  5. Ola Prime

Idea: Induce the customer to give you a nominal fee. You would always be pricing at the point you wanted to sell. In order to reap the benefits of whatever small amount that he/she has invested in, and to take advantage of the investment, he will purchase your products for the value added benefits they receive. By doing so, you give him a feeling(just a feeling) that he is smarter than the rest and receives superior treatment. Who doesn’t like it?

The basic tenants involve the principle of “Sunk Cost Fallacy”. For a detailed reading on Sunk Costs, read an amazing write up at: https://youarenotsosmart.com/2011/03/25/the-sunk-cost-fallacy/