Preparing for the Cookieless world!

The death of 3rd party cookies on chrome was announced by Google on 14th Jan 2020.

3rd Party cookies would be phased out over a 2 year period.

What would this mean for marketers? How do you prepare for a cookieless world?

Here are some thoughts:

From the India perspective- we are a mobile first nation. Hence, the app adoption is quite high and apps rely on device identification methods rather than cookies. Hence, if your app game is strong, you have something less to work on.

First Party Data: will become increasingly relevant. Marketers shall need comply with stringent Data Privacy laws that come into play going forward.

DMPs will need to re-invent themselves as advertisers shall no longer be open to them.

Tech Stack : Build a robust, in-house tech stack to enable you to do the transition.

Customer Segmentation: You will need to use the signals that you get from all the possible sources to bucket the customers in the right segments.

Customer Identity: Can you look at creating customers’ identity in a legally compliant manner and then use that for targetting?

Safari/FireFox: Speak to advertisers who have been testing campaigns on these browsers as they have already stopped 3rd party cookies since long.

Partnerships: Partnerships with data providers will become more important. (Flipkart, Truecaller)

How is Google Preparing for the Cookieless world?

They are working on a Privacy sandbox, wherein, instead of cookies- advertisers will work on several APIs such as the Conversion API etc.

Obituaries in a Cookieless World/New ways to:

  1. Multi-Touch Attribution
  2. Limited ability of DMPs for Audience Segmentation.
  3. View through Conversions.
  4. Frequency Cap across publishers.

Let me know your thoughts!

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