My first jackpot/lottery:
(03.11.84- The day I was born-
I didnt even buy the lottery ticket but hit a jacktop)
The prize: Being born to my parents (a simple & modest family) on the Western Coast in India.


My first entrance exam:-
I appeared for when I was 5 years old. I had to identify colors correctly to get admitted to the only English Medium School in the town. Although, I could identify majority of colors, I didnt get admitted to the school. ( I guess, I didnt clear the cut-offs). My dad persisted and met the Principal daily for 3 consecutive months and finally, the Principal got me in (just because my dad kept on pursuing him for 3 months).

My first love ( i thought she was)-
Age of 6. She was my neighbor. We used to play together and I had decided that she’s the one.

My first 1st:
I started taking tutorials in class 8th. I had never been taught like I was taught before out there. There was a sense of competition and the air over there encouraged every one to be at the top. Without any goals, I started to study- and for the First Time, I got into Top 10 in the class. And it was at position #1. I owe a lot to Aunty and the friends I made there.

My first group of close friends(till date):

Some of the best guys i met was through the tutorials I joined!


My first serious attempt at clearing entrance exams:-
Though I had given my first entrance exam at the age of 5, I genuinely prepared for the first to get into IVY league MBA Schools. I did not clear CAT and got into a decent state level MBA college. Some time later, I taught a bunch of students for clearing the exam 🙂 and got paid for it as well.

Marketer & Banker for > 11 years | FinTech Enthusiast | Business Lead | Linux Foundation certified for Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies


🎖️Google AdWords Search, Display and Analytics Certified 🎖️ Google Programmatic Ad Certified

💲Product/Campaign management


Learn, implement, fail, get up, succeed & repeat the loop.



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