Digital Media Supply Chain will see a new normal. The question is when!

The current structure of Digital Media Supply Chain has been worrying advertisers for long due to ad/click frauds, systems are in silos, brand safety issues.

BlockChain is set to address the issues of trust, accountability and media spends reconciliation in unprecedented manner. Pilots on blockchain based advertising are being done world wide by KFC, Pepsi and others. The current pilots may be shrugged off by the Giants as insignificant.

However, Google and Facebook should take an active lead in being early proponents of blockchain in the digital advertising value chain. By being involved in making the cake(read- advertising backed by blockchain), you can still enjoy the freedom in crafting it the way you like it!

Aqilliz is doing pioneering work in resolving various issues in Digital Media Supply Chain. I have significanly learnt of this landscape from reading and following G’man.

We will be happy to see participation of the giants (please let me know if they are already a part of it) in re-inventing the ad supply chain.


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Facebook on Linkedin- Choosing the right social media platform!

Power of Platform!

Facebook using Linkedin to promote/sell its services.

FB acknowledges that the best place to reach decision makers is Linkedin.

Is it a sign of decreased ad spends on FB? Probably not.

The FB revenues doesnt signal a decline. However, the promoted post shows that when you are down, do not be defensive. Instead, strike with more rigour.

Faceook Algorithm Changes..It’s greedy, shrewd. Burn more advertising dollars.

Facebook changed their newsfeed algorithm in 2018.

The major changes are:

1. Brands appearance in the time line of followers would be reduced leading to considerably lower reach.

2. Only content that engages users (comments, sharing, reactions) would be gain higher reach.

Is facebook being Ethically Evil? May be yes…A lot has been said about it being a dominant player and ruling the market.  In India, FB, Whatsapp and Instagram take up probably 80% of mobile time(no research to back it up, however have it is too evident to put that effort)

Facebook gave brands great value by giving them opportunity to communicate to their audience. It habituated brands varying levels reach for its posts. Come 2018 and brands realize that their posts have considerably lower reach due to a change in algorithm.

Consumers follow a brand for need and greed:

  1. Typically, the need is to vent out the frustration/dis-satisfaction regarding a product or service.

  2. Greed being some offers, coupons, discounts, emotional elevation, recognition factors.

80% of brands fail to be relevant to the consumers in their communication on FB.  Facebook knows that- it takes really good amount of time and money to generate relevant content for your audience.

To give brands a feeling of being relevant, FB gave us the option of boosting our posts. Here comes the greed from Facebook.  The change in algorithm will see brands making more use of the boost post feature leading to higher revenues for FB.

It is like getting willing trapped in a maze and then paying the maze organizer to make the maze more complex.

Disclaimer- The views expressed do not represent the views of my organisation.