Digital Media Supply Chain will see a new normal. The question is when!

The current structure of Digital Media Supply Chain has been worrying advertisers for long due to ad/click frauds, systems are in silos, brand safety issues.

BlockChain is set to address the issues of trust, accountability and media spends reconciliation in unprecedented manner. Pilots on blockchain based advertising are being done world wide by KFC, Pepsi and others. The current pilots may be shrugged off by the Giants as insignificant.

However, Google and Facebook should take an active lead in being early proponents of blockchain in the digital advertising value chain. By being involved in making the cake(read- advertising backed by blockchain), you can still enjoy the freedom in crafting it the way you like it!

Aqilliz is doing pioneering work in resolving various issues in Digital Media Supply Chain. I have significanly learnt of this landscape from reading and following G’man.

We will be happy to see participation of the giants (please let me know if they are already a part of it) in re-inventing the ad supply chain.


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Google takes on Amazon with product searches

Google takes on Amazon in the US with the launch of product search.

Giants like Walmart, Home Depot can use Google listings to gain a better position in Google search.

In turn, google will take a fee for every product sold.

This is going to turn the heat on for the dominant player Amazon.

It would be interesting to see who wins the battle.

Google too feels threatened by the might of Amazon and hence taking them heads on?