Investing and living!

Investing in equities teaches you a lot about living…Infact, it can also lead to a better life. Here are some reasons:

  1. Teaches you to be patient:  Over night returns are not sustainable. You got to be patient to have gains that last long.
  2. Choose the battles: There may be 50000 companies available for investing. But you choose the company that you want to invest in. Similarly, in life- you will have plethora of options and multitude of problems you can solve. However, you dont get into everything. You choose what is worth your time.
  3. Get Stronger: It takes courage to see your portfolio and your life long savings go down by 50%. In the end, (if it turns out to be so), you emerge stronger.

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Why you should be in Sales atleast once !!

Infact, every one of us is into sales- every day….

We try to sell our ideas to our boss, our spouse….We try to convince our kids that we are correct…We try to convince ourselves that we are doing good…All these are some acts of selling….persuading….
However, not everyone has been into hard Core Sales…Do you have the guts to knock the doors? Do you feel low about it? Are you comfortable with asking for what you want?
Majority of times, we do not ask for what we want? We are afraid of being rejected!! Nothing is a big deal, until you make it one!! Nothing is rocket science, except rocket science itself!!
Here are the benefits of being into hard core sales:
1. Humility: You cant be arrogant when you wish to sell something…However, we do not beg. We sell it with pride.
2. Respect: You know how it feels that when 8 on 10 people do not respect you when you knock on their doors. Next time you see some one pitching something to you, you will give them the due respect, if not the due time.
3. Failure: Single biggest learning. You would fail probably a 100 times.
4. Ego buster: You cant sell and have ego at the same time. You do not loose self respect in the process. However, the line between ego and self respect is like optical fibre.  What may be self-respect for me, may be ego for you.
Franklin Roosevelt once said ” Failure is not fatal, success is not permanent, it is the courage that matters”
Go out and ask for what you want-today, right now!