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Pitching Tips!

1. Attention:The prospect should have your undivided attention. We dont even give our undivided attention to our kids/parents/spouse. Hence, to secure the attention, you need to have a convincing one liner/idea which is of interest to the prospect.

2. Time: Mentally prepare the prospect and clearly outline the time that you seek for your pitch. Prospect should be ready to give 10 mins/20 mins/1 day/1 year to you.

3. Environment: Good lights and music are the key enablers for affecting positive thoughts and good mood.  Retail industry uses this to the core- Garment stores/Botiques have extremely good lights and music.

4. Testimonials: Having a few calls closed would increase the confidence of the prospect.

Master tip to skip all the above and close a sale effortlessly.  Have a wonderful Product.

Whatsapp never had to do any marketing. It is such a wonderful product that the world consumes it, without there being any push from the companys’ side.