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~Commitment Economics~

Propose some value added benefits. Seek a nominal commitment from the consumers for the value added benefits. This is the Holy Grail to boosting your sales.


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Idea: Induce the customer to give you a nominal fee. You would always be pricing at the point you wanted to sell. In order to reap the benefits of whatever small amount that he/she has invested in, and to take advantage of the investment, he will purchase your products for the value added benefits they receive. By doing so, you give him a feeling(just a feeling) that he is smarter than the rest and receives superior treatment. Who doesn’t like it?

The basic tenants involve the principle of “Sunk Cost Fallacy”. For a detailed reading on Sunk Costs, read an amazing write up at: https://youarenotsosmart.com/2011/03/25/the-sunk-cost-fallacy/